ECOVERDE® is a unique program which provides a complete turnkey solution for the waste management problems in Eastern European countries. The Solution combines the implementation of the entire waste system project including support of up to 100% financing and along with educational programs for the citizens.

The program allows a feasible implementation of waste management system without use of any state budget, providing high quality Services as given within the EU while lowering the citizens’ waste taxes.

The ECOVERDE® program is based on a well-known EU concept for treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW), in methods which are customized to the Eastern European mentality and needs. It was developed subordinate to the EU directives and legislation and fully maintains all EU environmental standards.

ECOVERDE® Program was launched by Mentor Group Holdings Consortium, managed by Mentor group Energy and Mentor finance. ECOVERDE® program has copyrights protection registration:12158 by the Copyrights administration.

The program is supported by: